Reaching for Lucidity Episode 421 The Substitutes

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It is a short show to check in on this Friday, October 21st. We have The Substitutes for your enjoyment.

The Substitutes were a Bay Area band that were active in the heyday of podcasting. Unfortunately, they are no longer with us as a band, but they left behind some great tunes.

Today we are playing “Taken a Lifetime.” This was one of the tunes that made them members of the RfL Royal Court.

I also talk about why it is so hard to get shows out these days, how I am trying to get the passion back for podcasting, and my entry into the sport of boxing.

I did this show fast and on a whim. I was not monitoring while I recorded and the show mic was a bit hot. Sorry for the sound in the spoken parts. I will monitor next time.

Enjoy the show. Cheers!


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