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I had a pretty good training session today in the Dungeon so I thought I might as well share. I worked on skills and conditioning today. One rule I always follow when focusing on skills and conditioning in the same workout is to work on skills first, then conditioning. Conditioning leads to fatigue which leads to sloppy form. By working skills after conditioning, you have a better chance of picking up bad habits from the sloppy form.

I started out the session warming up with some jump rope and jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. Then I jumped into the workout.

I set my round timer to the Masters Boxing Division round lengths of two-minute rounds with one minute rest. I set the timer for 16 rounds, and then I went at it. The key in this workout was to go all out, even in the skills portion. Here is the breakdown of the rounds.

The first 8 rounds were skills. I set a goal to work on hand speed and footwork today.

Round 1- Floor to ceiling bag (or double end bag)

Round 2- Heavy bag

Round 3- Shadowboxing with emphasis on footwork

Round 4- Floor to ceiling bag

Round 5- Heavy bag

Round 6- Shadow Boxing

Round 7- Floor to Ceiling bag

Round 8- Heavy bag

After completing these rounds I used the next 8 for conditioning. The rule for conditioning is to go for the full two minutes just as if I were in a fight. Here is the breakdown

Round 9 and 10- 30 seconds each of Burpees, plyometric push-ups (clapping push-ups), Medicine Ball Cleans with a toss, Medicine ball slams (mimicking a sledgehammer)

Round 11 and 12- Alternating leg-lifts, leg scissors, v-ups, alternating crunches (rd 11) and back extensions (rd 12)

Round 13- Plank

Round 14-16 – Quick Squats w/ medicine ball

Well, that was today’s workout. Tomorrow I will focus on skills and abs. I always work abs. Hope this gives you some ideas for your workouts, even if you don’t want to be a competitive boxer it sure does get the blood flowing.


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  1. Angel Matthews

    Hey Eban!  This comment doesn’t have anything to do with your workout..  lol   Mariella and I were watching a video clip of a sweet twinkle twinkle little star song while we were visiting your page.  Then I noticed the little pirate skull banner that said crew for life and their names.   and I started crying!  :-)  hugs and love to you and can’t wait to see you for Halloween!

  2. Yeah, that is my next tattoo. I have a bit more tweaking but it will be in that form. I have to get Effie on there someplace or she may hurt me, lol. Can’t wait to see you guys. Faith says we are getting an extended visit. Cool!

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