A New Look For Eban and SJ

As we move forward here at RfL towards what can be called “reorganizing”, some things are changing. One thing is the shift from animation to manga. We have a lot of stories to tell here but not enough time at the moment to go full in on animation.

Another change is the semi-retirement of RfL Indie Music Blast. I know, the show has been in semi-retirement for a while now. This is just the official acknowledgement. The indie music scene has slipped as a passion of mine. This lead to the shows not being as fun to produce. Audio is not dead here, it is just changing.

I will be adding a show to our productions to take the place of the Indie Music Blast. This show will focus a bit on music, but not breaking new artists. I will post soon about all the reasons I have shifted on this point, but for now let me just say the new show will be more focused on RfL, current events, and a couple of great songs thrown into the mix. Look for this next year. No name as of yet.

As for animation. With my boxing, I just don’t have the time. I will again, just not now. This is why i am shifting to Manga. We have stories, and this is a way to get them out. A bonus is that when we do get back to animation, the comics will act as a script and story board all in one, thus making the animating easier and quicker.

We will be focusing on three titles. One is RfL Adventures. This will be the further stories of Eban and SJ. We will work a few of the Animated Adventure stories in while pushing the storyline in new directions. This will be fun and a bit adult in nature.

The second title is to be determined and will be for the youngsters. Thank my new godchildren for this. I want to put something out that is for them, and all other young folk out there. This is directed straight at the kids.

The third title is the Purity Coalition. This is a story I have been working on for a while and is pretty big in reach. This is an epic tale of a future/past gone wrong. I will be testing my abilities with this but I do think it will be a good read. If we don’t take big chances, we do not get big rewards, right?

To put a visual to this change, here is an early take on Eban and SJ’s new appearance. This is not the completed look, but you can see the direction. They are going Steampunk/Sci-fy. i hope you like it.

Keep looking here for more news on the future projects at RfL.


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