The Software and Cloudware I Use For RfL Media

I thought some folks out there may be interested in the tools I currently use to produce media. Below is a list of the software I use and a bit about how I use it.

My main software tools for animation and new Manga are Reallusion’s iClone, Crazy Talk, Crazy Talk Animator, and 3DXchange. For audio I use Audacity and Ableton Live.

For video, I have traditionally used Sony Vegas. I am looking into new options right now so I do not currently have a go to program for this.

For all of my project management and script writing I use Celtix. That software ROCKS! For note taking and documentation I use Google Docs and Springpad. I like to use utilities with a cloud aspect so that I can access my work fro almost any device.

For storage on the go and syncing files between my computers and devices I use DropBox.

For graphics I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks.

To format and produce my Manga series I use Comipo. Comipo is a progrm with graphics collections for those with no artistic talent to be able to produce Manga. I use this differently. I produce all off my art in my Reallusion programs as I have all of my already designed characters in there. I use Comipo’s easy to use formatting to put my art together into book form. I love taking programs and using them in new ways that they were not originally designed to be used.

Well, that is about it. I of course will pull out other programs from time to time, but this forms the core of my creative tools, software wise.

In the near future I may post how I use the above tools. Also, I may post about the hardware I se to create my media.


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