Freebie Story from the First Issue of RfL Adventures

**Edit** The .pdf versions are now at the end of the post for download

We are getting closer to the release of the first issue of the RfL Adventures. It is a blast producing this series. It is fun like in the old days.

The way the issues will be laid out will be in chapters telling the main story of Eban and SJ’s adventures. In between chapters we will have short stories set at a school  in the dimension of Crawford Valley. Since nothing in Eban and SJ’s world is normal, you can’t expect the schools to be any different.

As a gift to you I am giving you this filler chapter from the first issue. This story is co-written by Alisa Humphrey. She came up with the idea of the naked mole rat and things went from there.

I hope you enjoy this. You can catch the panels here in the post or download the color or black and white .pdf  at the end of the post.

Keep an eye out for the first issue. This will take Eban ans SJ to places not explored in the Animated Adventures. The guys take a step into darkness as SJ’s past is revealed and the crew has to scramble to save him. He will of course still be a wise cracking weirdo, but we finally see a  bit deeper.


The .pdf versions are below for downloading or viewing.

Color .pdf

Black and White .pdf

Or you can click on the pics to view full size right here.





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