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Things are really heating up over at Reaching for Lucidity. The new Manga style Ebooks are coming along. All titles will also be available in print. This is an exciting new direction.

One thing that is out at RfL is the Steampunk look for Eban and SJ. It has been pointed out to me that the movement has been corrupted. T-pain has stolen Abney Park frontman Captain Robert’s look. Justin Beiber has a steampunk themed video.

That of course means that the Steampunk aspect of Eban and SJ is out. That also means I have to retool things a bit.

That is all cool. It will still be epic.

Here is a test page from the book. No story here, just a formatting test.











That is where things are at RfL right now. I am excited to have RfL moving again. It has been pretty stagnant for too long.

Before I sign out, I figured I would share some cool things I found around the web. Adam Daniel Mezei has put out his list of stuff that he wants for 2012. It is a cool list. It makes me want to dig deep and come up with my own list for 2012. Keep your eyes here for that. What do you have on tap for 2012? What is your list?

Chad Howse is offering a free workout. It is his version of what he thinks Thor himself would do to keep in shape. Get the free .pdf right now.

And over at Reaching for Lucidity, I have a list of the software and cloudware I use to create my media. Check it out if you would like to see what I use.


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