Chris Brown Has Many Willing Victims Lined Up


I did not watch the Grammy awards. I am not one for that type of show. It is cool that the Foo Fighters won a bunch. Personally I am happy for Adele, but I am sick of hearing her name.

That being said, evidently someone thought it would be a great idea to have girl beater Chris Brown perform. Someone thought enough time had passed since he brutally beat Rhianna and then showed no remorse. Well, he did have remorse for the dip in his career, not so much for the brutal beating.


I guess those that thought this was a good idea were on to something. Here is a link to 25 idiots that would just love to have some Chris Brown time, the beatings would be the cherry on top.

Really? Is this where we are today?

I am ashamed to be a human sometimes. Luckily I am part dimension hopping alien. That is the only reason I sleep well at times.


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