Eban’s Riff-Cast Episode One : Ugly, But a Start

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This is it. the new show from Reaching for Lucidity Productions. This is Eban’s Rif-Cast. This will be a riff/ rant/ beat poet/ storytelling type of show set to real time beats and melodies. This episode is the experiment.

The show will get better as it goes. With this episode I was so much more concerned with getting the recording setup going I forgot to get ideas to riff about. My new policy of “warts and all” means I hit publish no matter what, so here it is.

This is a sign of things to come and it only gets better from here.

Topics on this episode include the tech setup, what we are doing with the show, the Korg Kaosilator, Facebook, Anji Bee’s Chillcast, and latency problems.

Enjoy and keep an eye out for episode two!

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