Indie Music Blast 425 Featuring Tom Kills and Hipslack

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RfL is all about great music, but sometimes we get an episode that takes the show to another level. This is one of those episodes. We get to catch up with a couple of old school RfL favorites, but in a whole new way.

We have Tom Kills, the latest project by RfL fave Oswald’s leader, Tom Mccreery.

We have the king of the Royal Court, Miles Partridge back in the house, but in his new band, Hipslack.

That is a whole boatload of awesome right there. just so the new folks can feel the nostalgia, I am even throwing in an Oswald and Miles Partridge tune as well.

Freakin epic!

As always, we have some history for this day, Feb. 22, and celebrity birthdays.


Music on the show:

Tom Kills

Tom Kills : Million Pieces and Dvorian Grey

Miles Partridge and Hipslack

Hipslack : Party All Night and Never Drive Faster Than Your Angels Can Fly

Oswald : Love

Miles Partridge : Tequila


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