Indie Music Blast ep 424 Jazz Style Quickjabs

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RfL Indie Music Blast #424 Jazz style from New York and Sweden

Two artists with upcoming March Releases.

Marie Lala_Sweden

Marie Lalá is a former aerialist who now works with rope access on oil rigs in the North Sea. Lyrics and music come to her almost as complete songs. If something is missing in the song, she will keep it in her head until it´s ready to come out.
She worked with producer Andreas Tengblad and together they set out on the search of her sound. They found it and on the EP you will find the music of Marie Lala´s heart.


Kristin Porter _New York

Her quirky vocal style is tinted with the sassy attitude of Etta James, the delivery of Aretha Franklin, & the scat character of Ms. Ella Fitzgerald.



Marie Lala – Mrs. Sleepyhead

Marie Lala


Kristin Porter – Never Telling Me You Loved Me and Light of the Moon

Kristin Porter
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