RfL Behind the Scenes ep 2 The Grammys, Chris Brown, Whitney, UFC, RfL

RfL Behind the Scenes 2
 We talk about UFC Fight Night on Fuel. Ellenberger vs. Sanchez. This will be fun!
We talk The Grammys. Which means  Whitney, Adele, and more. Also, have we fallen so far that we reward abusers like Chris Brown?
On the RfL front, I just finished my first painting since 2004 when I gave up my art career after Effie had emergency surgery.
Then it is on to the Indie Music Blast. The new show coming up is 424 and a  quickjabs. We will feture Euro jazz pop from Swedish Marie Lalás who is a former aerialist who now works with rope access on oil rigs in the North Sea.
Fun stuff!

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