RfL Behind the Scenes ep1 : Productivity, Media Updates, and Peppermint OS

Reaching for Lucidity Behind the Scenes Episode 1

Hey all! Welcome to the first episode of Behind the Scenes, our new RfL show. Here I will talk about RfL media, web trends, some gossip, new apps and services, and more.

In this first episode of RfL Behind the Scenes we cover productivity and organization, the return of Indie Music Blast, and the Pepprmint Operating system.

I talk about a new productivity system I have created using Jerry Seinfeld’s “Train-or Chain of Productivity” as my guide. Pics from Flickr are below. I employ a series of color coded X’s and O’s to keep track of all my goals and projects. The object is to keep a train of accomlishment with as few breaks as possible. The colors are thus:

Red X = RfL work (Comic, recording, animation, blogging, etc)
Blue X = Boxing training
Black X = Followed Diet
Blue O = Reading (books, not web)
Black O = Freelance Work

I also use sticky notes to paste goals, to-do’s, and other important items on the calendar.

It is productive, YO!

I then touch a bit on Springpad in this episode. I recently switched from Evernote to Springpad and find it more useful.

On the RfL front, I talk about the newly reinvigorated Indie Music Blast and the status of the graphic novel. These are the two main RfL projects right now.

And last, but not least, I touch on the Peppermint OS. This is a lightweight, fast, and feature rich Linnux flavor which is great as a dual boot option or can be run from a usb stick or a live cd. Peppermint is now available for order on a 4 gb stick. The stick is available as bootable, live, or empty.

I love this OS. Give it a shot and you will as well. I’ll bet on that.

Screenshots : Desktop and Menu

Seesmic on Peppermint

Cheers till next time.

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