RfL IMB 426 RIP Davy Jones and Garage Rock From Around the World

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We just received news of the heart attack suffered by Davy Jones. We could have a moment of silence, but he was a rocker. We are saluting him with a show full of great Garage Rock from around the world. Rest in Peace Davy. 66 is a bit young to go.

Now, back to the tunes. When I say Garage Rock from around the world, I mean it. We have bands from Germany, Spain and from the U.S.A. we have bands from Austin, TX and Cincinnati, OH.

There is a new show at RfL which is becoming a bit of a hit. It is the Riff-cast. Check it out.

Davy Jones by Ron Galella

Music on the Show

The Go Wows

The Go Wows – Diggin Bones

Foreign Characters

Foreign Characters – Together for a Reason and Farewell

Northside Garage

Northside Garage – You Keep Calling Out To Me and Nothings Gonna Change

Mondo Ray

Mondo Ray – Hypnotized

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