The Fire Over The Kindle

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It amazes me that I am still seeing reports and comments about the Kindle Fire not being an iPad killer. It not being a full featured tablet capable of using for “real” work. It not being capable of what all the other tablets are capable of.

My response? Get over it.

Kindle Fire

I will say this. The Kindle Fire is not an iPad. You can’t use it in all the ways of the iPad. It is not an iPad killer.

What is it? A much cheaper tablet that is perfect for what it is. A multimedia reader and web browser, basically it is a low powered and priced entertainment unit.

As that, it excels over anything else in the price range.

Saying that the Kindle is not an iPad and thus does not need to exist or is a failure is like saying there is no need for the Toyota Corolla, or better yet Yaris, since BMW is a much better car. That is the logic of the argument.

Amazon never hid the specs or what demographic the tablet was aimed at. If you bought one expecting more, you are an ignorant fool. If you own an iPad and just hate the idea that the Fire exists, get over it.

I will be enjoying another book on mine tonight and might stop by Facebook to see videos of my god kids. I welcome the thought of having a device which is a diversion rather than adding to my already high workload.

Cheers Amazon. I love my Fire.

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