Reaching for Lucidity BTS 5 : Big News and John Carter

Hey everyone. Here is another episode of Reaching for Lucidity Behind the Scenes. This is episode 5 and we have some big news coming at you from the Command Center here in the heart of the R.f. Lucidity.

First off though, we talk a bit about the movie John Carter. This movie had a botched promotional launch and was ravaged by critics. This I say to you, don’t listen to these critics. Hollywood has become a grinder. Don’t play the game of the grinder.

John Carter is a fun movie. It is a great way to spend an afternoon. If we can get the support for this movie up, we can change it from a flop to a success and get the sequels made.

Please, give John Carter a chance.


After talking John Carter, we have to big announcement about what happens with RfL com  April 4th. You will have to listen for the news, Let’s just say that sometimes you can go back. That is all I am typing here.

Enjoy the episode.


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