RfL IMB 427 Mevio Memories with Richard Brewer Hay, Chance, and Brother Love

Here is episode 427 of the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast. We have a QuickJabs for your enjoyment today.

I look back at the history of  Mevio/Podshow today. This show is inspired by Richard Brewer Hay, the gentleman that brought me into the Mevio fold. He posted a picture on Facebook from SXSW of the abandoned and lowly Mevio booth. This brought out a flood of memories. Judging from the feedback on the pic, not just from me.

To commemorate that which came before, I am going to play tunes from two of the early music stars of the podcasting world, Chance and Brother Love. Back at the first ever New Media Expo in Ontario, CA, these guys were the featured performers brought in by Podshow.

Enjoy a bit of podcasting history, before it went horribly wrong.

The tagline of Podshow/Mevio back then was “Quit Your Day Job.” Yeah.



Brother Love – Sick of Chicks

Chance – Forgive + Forget

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