Hip Hop and Rap on the Indie Music Blast Podcast ep 443

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Let’s get going on another week, and let’s do it in style! Today on The Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 433 we are featuring some terrific tunes from the world if Indie hip hop and rap!

Back for a return engagement is Trew Music. We also hear from Collective Thought, Dowtimo, and the Flavor Foundation. Great tunes from start to finish.

Plus we have more than music. We have a Kardashian comparing herself to Sophia Vergara, and it looks like Tyler Perry is buying it! Oh my. Then, what is as bad as a Kardashian on television? Listen to find out. Oh the pain!

We find out what happened on this day in history. Today’s rockers think they have the attitude. Hell no. Listen to find out “WHO” had the attitude back in the day.

All that plus add celebrity birthdays and we have a full show for your enjoyment! Happy birthday Willie!



Trew Music

Music on the show:



DowTimo–It’s Magic


Trew Music

Trew Music Young and Reckless and Turn Me on


Collective Thought

Collective Thought ft C.Brown–Hard Days an Looking for a Way Out


Flavor Foundation

the Flavor Foundation–Razzamatazz

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