I am Too Busy Being Awesome to Care

Oy matey, what is going on?

Lot’s of stuff  happening today at the command center of the R.F. Lucidity. That is for sure.

Lot’s of stuff  happening around the web today as well. If you have not heard, there has been a pretty big purchase in the web-world today as shown in this article at Lifehacker. Facebook bought Instagram for a bazilliogilliotrillion dollars, or something like that.

Now, I could do like everyone else and write a whole post on that topic as if it means anything, but I am too busy being awesome to care.

It freaks me out when all these techie types jump all over themselves to regurgitate the same story over and over as long as it is tech related. Then they act as if they are contributing to the collection of web media. Baloney!

Putting a link to something that everyone else is linking to and then saying “me too” or “I don’t get it” does not equal contributing to anything. Plus, none of this even matters in the slightest unless you own one of the companies involved, you are an investor, or you are employed by the companies. Other than those scenarios, it does not freakin matter.

Here at Reaching for Lucidity, we are all about contributing to the collection of web media. Just to prove it to you, episode 429 of the Indie Music Blast is out, and it is chock full of great blues for your enjoyment. By the way, listening to RfL Indie Music Blast means you are too busy being awesome as well.

You guys and gals are the best!



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