Indie Music Blast Podcast 439 Going Dubstep for Attitude Tuesday

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 439. It is Tuesday and that means attitude.

We are doing things a bit different today. For one, this is a Quickjabs Artist Spotlight episode. For those new to RfL, that means we focus on one artist, a couple of songs and out.

Second, we normally do punk or some other hard-driving genre on Attitude Tuesday. Today we are focusing on electronic composer CyrusFX and two of his dubstep pieces. I think you will like these tunes. These are not as over-the-top on the wobble and bass as some more traditional dub. Pretty good tunes.

Third, this is all live. The only edit I made was one small fade on the under vocal music bed that I missed a bit while recording. Other than that this a live mix performed in Ableton Live. So enjoy.

See you all back here tomorrow for the Coffee House!


Music on the show


Cyrusfx-Sir Dubs a Lot and Voodoo Dub

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