Indie Music Blast Podcast 440 Coffee House feat Beth Bombara and Nick Cave

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Another hump day is upon us. Luckily on this Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast podcast episode 440, The Coffee House, we have some great chilled out tunes to help you through the day.

We hear from Merry Ellen Kirk, Beth Bombara, Alice Marie (Braga), and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

That, folks, is a great show!

We have some interesting celebrity birthdays today including two that helped define gangsters for a few generations.

I talk about a horror committed on citizens of North Carolina by the state up until 1974. Actually, I am not talking about the horror as much as modern-day comprehension. Listen to find out what I am going on about.

Always on the cutting edge , we look back on this day in history and find out how some unlucky highwayman became the first person in history sample a certain blade. It was way more than a close shave.

BTW, I changed to a different mic setup today. It does not sound good at all. I ran out of time before I could fix it. Will go back to my normal setup tomorrow.

See you back here tomorrow for Rock Thursday!


Beth Bombara

Music on the show:

Merry Ellen Kirk

Merry Ellen Kirk–Masquerade


Beth Bombara

Beth Bombara- Beautiful You and Don’t You Know


Alice Marie

Alice Marie–Lipstick Diaries andMadeleine


Nick Cave

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds–Bring it On

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