Indie Music Blast Podcast 442 The Juggernaut Hard Rock with The Erotics and More

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Whoa! What a week of great tunes, eh? Well, It is not over yet. It is Friday at the Reaching for Lucidity Command Center and that means The Juggernaut, Hard Rock and Metal. Welcome to the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 442. Get ready to be shaken!

Shaken? Hell yes! Shaken by the great tunes on the show today. The thunder is created by Royal curt members The Erotics and Waiting for Decay, as well as Hellbros and Midstokke. These guys all kick ass.

Plus, we have way more than just tunes.

In Idiots all Around Us, we learn of a lady that gave up food and water to live on pure sunlight. It did not go well for her. Also, a lady in China gives an all new meaning to “BallCruncher!” Guys, I am sorry in advance if this story brings out sympathy pains.

We have celebrity birthdays and we take a look back on this day through history such as the worlds worst retirement. Retirement by cannibal. I hope they at least got the seasonings correct.

So enjoy the Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 442 and be back Monday for a jam-packed show featuring the best of the indie Hip Hop and Rap world.


The Erotics

Music on the show:


The Hellbros

HellBros–Kill You and Driving on Fire


The Erotics–Death With a Heartbeat and Your Bloody Frankenstein



Midstokke–Second Chance and Bullet


Waiting for Decay

Waiting for Decay–Mask or Face

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