Indie Music Blast Podcast ep 441 Eclectic Driving Rock feat Calabrese and More

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It is Thursday and I feel like some rock. That is not a bad thing as Thursday at the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 441 means a great eclectic rock mix!

We have a bunch of driving rock tunes for you today ranging from fetish rock to horror punk to rockabilly and punk inspired alternative rock to just plain rock-n-roll. In other words, we have great tunes!

The tunes are what drives the Indie Music Blast podcast, but it is not all we have. In the Stupid Celebrity Crap section we find another reason not to care about anything Kardashian .We also learn Ke$ha can’t hold her pee and feels the need to tweet about it, with pics!

We take a look back in history and find headless train robbers, a shaky scale, a presidential assassin that is still dead, and more.

You would think that is enough but we also have celebrity birthdays.

I also ask certain SEO experts out there a question. Feel like answering?

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Big John Bates



Music on the show:



Crud–Monster a go go



Calabrese–Deep In The Red and Violet Hellfire


Big John Bates

Big John Bates–Fields on Fire and Headless Fowl


Hot Lava Monster

Hot Lava Monster–Some Call It Hell

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