Indie Rock on the Indie Music Blast Podcast 437 ft Janus 4-14, I, and French Electric

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Strap in, the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 437 is going into orbit, and taking you with it.

We have some great indie rock tunes from Janus 4-14, I or That I AM (explained on the show), and the French Electric!

We also ask, “When does free speech actually mean ventilating the boys?” It is a serious question. We meet a German DJ that has finally had enough sex. So much so that he called the cops. Like “WHAT?”

Celebrity birthdays today include a guy so busy that he invented more hours in the day and another guy that ruined a part of many of our memories.

That is another packed episode, so we have to jump in. Now!

The French Electric

Music on the show:


Janus 4-14

Janus 4-14–Great Escape and Grow Up Tiffany



I or That I Am–Nominonivore and Woe


the French Electric

The French Electric–Eroded and Out of The Question

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  1. Eban’ great show today and thanks for the love for janus 4-14. I am the bass player and I now download and listen daily. Keep rocking it out. If you ever get a chance to check out a live show its great sweaty energy.

  2. Brad!
    You guys are awesome. Thanks for introducing yourself. Now I can talk about more than just Chad. LOL.

    Man, I really appreciate that you listen. Thanks! I am glad that you enjoy the show!

  3. Hi from the UK and the French Electric – and thanks for the play Brad! It means at lot to us. Cheers man. Wayne.

  4. Sorry – thanks Eban – not Brad – tired long night, not reading properly!!

  5. Hey Wayne, thanks for stopping in. Love the tunes.

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