Musing on the Current State of Affairs

What the Hell?

Frozen Hell
Frozen Hell (Photo credit: greenfday69)

What the hell are people thinking?
The state of the world today.

Freedoms are now currency
And not in the favor of the populace

Given away freely by those without
Just to take a chunk out of those who have

Hard work and effort?
Just dumb luck and undeserved

Freedom is now a casualty
of envy and convenience

and laziness and ignorance
Did you catch big Brother?

Who is your congressman?
Who got voted off?

Voting is now done by text
and choice is decided by privilege

Minority is the new majority
Happily accepting the box it is placed

PC damages the very person it is meant to help
the prison it becomes is overwhelming


controlled and criminalized

Gone in place of false warm and fuzzy

Is this our future?

Can we survive?

What time is Dancing with the Stars Tonight?


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