RfL is Re-Launched! Episode 428 : We’re Back feat. Hipslack

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We are back, seriously. Bigger than before. This has been a long time in coming, and the energy level is high. Well, as high as I can muster with a cold. How is that for timing?

Everything will be explained in the episode, but here are some specifics.

  • The Indie Music Blast goes back to five days a week starting on Monday, April 9th
  • The blog (EbanCrawford dot Com) is now my personal blog again
  • The RfL Behind the Scenes and RfL News will now be located at RfL NEWS.
  • We have the sites in place for the new RfL KIDS and RfL MUSIC, which will be rolling out soon
  • The RfL Animated Adventures are back soon as well (excited!)
  • Our client services are back focused on delivering high level media to our clients
  • The Riff-Cast, which is part of the future of RfL, will grow fast as it is the Experimental Lab of RfL where I hone my words, beats, and live performances. You get to come along for the ride!

There is even more that is still yet to come. Just know this, we have erased the last couple of years and are blasting off to the future, which looks great!

The new RfL schedule will look familiar to old timers.

  • Monday : Rotating eclectic mix
  • Tuesday : Attitude (Punk, Garage, Electronic, and other high energy stuff)
  • Wednesday : The Coffee House (Smooth tunes from many genres to get over hump day)
  • Thursday : Rock! Need more be said?
  • Friday : The Juggernaut, Hard Rock and Metal

Like I wrote, that should look familiar.

This is going to be FUN!

Music on the show:

Hipslack – Who’s Chillin’ The Most

The Cymatics – Let Her Dance and Gimme a Call

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