Starting the New Reaching for Lucidity Roll Out a Bit Early

Riffell, the RfL Pirate Owl

The main Reaching for Lucidity site, the home of the Indie Music Blast, goes live at 8:00 EST this evening, but to build up to the re-launch, here is a sneak preview of the new look for RfL.

Here are some of the main changes.

  • The Indie Music Blast goes back to five days a week starting on Monday, April 9th
  • This blog is now my personal blog again
  • The RfL Behind the Scenes and RfL News will now be located at RfL NEWS.
  • We have the sites in place for the new RfL KIDS and RfL MUSIC, which will be rolling out soon
  • The RfL Animated Adventures are back soon
  • Our client services are back focused on delivering high level media to our clients

This is an exciting time. RfL is going to blast off again!

The new schedule for the Indie Music Blast is:

  • Monday : Rotating eclectic mix
  • Tuesday : Attitude (Punk, Garage, Electronic, and other high energy stuff)
  • Wednesday : The Coffee House (Smooth tunes from many genres to get over hump day)
  • Thursday : Rock! Need more be said?
  • Friday : The Juggernaut, Hard Rock and Metal

That is the news for now. I hope you like the new look of the site. All the sites are now uniform. Please help to spread the word. You can subscribe by Rss to  any of the shows or sites in the sidebar. Also, you can join our email list. We will only send out one email a week, so don’t worry about a lot of inbox traffic.

We also have a Facebook fan page now. You can check it out and “like” the page at

Thanks for checking this out. I hope you enjoy where RfL is about to take you.


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