The Coffee House at Indie Music Blast 436 ft. Lovespirals and DC Cardwell

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The week passes so quick. It is already time for The Wednesday Coffee House on the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 436.

The tunes today are epic. We bring you the best in chilled out, relaxed tunes on Wednesday to help get over the “hump” on hump day.

How about this? We start with RfL favorite Eddie Ramirez. Then we go with the always amazing Lovespirals. We have newcomer to RfL up next with Shannon Hurley. We finish up super-strong with another RfL first-timer, DC Cardwell. There is no weak point in today’s tunes, that is for sure.

In the world of celebrity crap, “The Situation” takes center stage and aggravates me to no end. We also see who was born on this day. Also, who has a crazy-big insurance policy on her smile. Yep, I said her smile.

Kourtney Kardashian--she is silly and 33 and topless. I don't know which one she is.

We also take a look back on what happened on this day throughout  history. Hell, we also find out why the Chinese are out to get us. (hint: it IS our own fault)

So let’s get going, eh?

DC Cardwell

Music on the show:

Eddie Ramirez

Eddie Ramirez-A Box



Lovespirals-Feel so Good and Try to Forget


Shannon Hurley

Shannon Hurley–How Long and Signs of Life


DC Cardwell

DC Cardwell-I Am Still The Same

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  1. Hi Eban – thanks so much for playing my song on this podcast. Nice show as usual and I enjoy your droll sense of humor! ~ DC

  2. DC, you rock man! Thanks for the great song. I hope to feature many times in the future. Great tune!

  3. My pleasure, and feel free to use any of my music on your show. If any of your listeners are interested, there’s an amazing video for “I Am Still The Same” directed by a young film-student friend of mine named David McGorlick. It’s on youtube at

  4. I think this is the first show I listened to in over a year! 🙂 Oh My! It was awesome, loved the music, I’ll have to find some new favorites again!

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