The Coffee House : Indie Music Blast ep 431 feat. Meghan Morrison

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Hola my peeps.

Yeah, that did not sound right.

Hello my good friends, colleagues, and hotties. Welcome to episode 431 of the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast! It is April 11, 2012 and we have a great show for you.

For those new to the show, the Coffee House is a Wednesday tradition. We take some smooth tunes and try our best to relax over hump-day so we can slam into Thursday! I think we have accomplished our goals with this episode.

We have a mix of old and new today. We have a two-fer from the indie firecracker Meghan Morrison off of her latest release [Lark] We Are All Born Naked. We also have a two-fer from our original “Queen of the Royal Court” Adrina Thorpe. Filling out the show are RfL favorites Hungry Lucy and Lorena Mire.

That is a packed show, but it is not all.

I ask, “am I weird because I play digital bongos in the bathroom instead of reading?” We see what celebrities were born this day. WE also take a look back through the history of April 11th and find honored cannibals, mega-concerts, a “BOY,” and British Monarchs that do not get into gender issues but don’t mind fooling with the money.

There is even more, but if I stop typing, you can get to listening, which is why you are here.



Music on the show:

Hungry Lucy

Hungry Lucy-Bumble

Adrina Thorpe

Adrina Thorpe-Everything Changes and Did You Think

Meghan Morrison
Meghan Morrison and Band

Meghan Morrison-Letting Me Down and Hush

Lorena Mire

Lorena Mire-Movies in My Head

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  1. Thanks for the feature, Eban!
    Way to make hump days happier 🙂

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