Indie Music Blast Podcast 446 Artist Spotlight on The Empires

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Hola out there in listener land!

We have a treat for you today. It is Thursday here at the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast, episode 446, and we have and Quickjabs artist spotlight for Rock Mix Thursday!

Our Quickjab shows are a few songs and out featuring one band. Today, we throw a curve ball at you. Get ready for some hillbilly style roots rock as we go Rockbilly with the band The Empires!

We have a three song set for you by The Empires and I dare you to no want to get up and move!

Also, we look at celebrity birthdays. Happy b-day Frankie Valli! Also, we look back on this day in history.

For a Quickjabs, that is a full show, so let’s get going!

The Empires

Music on the show:

The Empires

The Empires–King of the Couch-Guitar, Bottle of Wine-Life of Crime

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