Indie Music Blast Podcast 450 Rock Mix Feat Tom Kills and The French Electric

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As we start our sprint to the weekend, let’s do it with an indie rock mix! Welcome back to the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast, episode 450!

The indie rock mix today includes RfL favorites The Nevermores, Tom Kills, The French Electric, and Tahigo. Funny thing, Tahigo is from France and The French Electric is from the UK. Go figure. The music on teh show today is awesome!

We take a look at the celebrities born this day as well as what happened on this day through history.

This is a special show as for the first time since 2006, I recorded live as a radio show would be. I talked with a podcasting bud recently and he brought up Podproducer which was a program a lot of us used back in the early days to record with everything live cued. I have that ability with Ableton, and now I have the APC 20 so here we go!

Here is my Ableton live set cue all ready to go

Be back for the Indie Music Blast Podcast tomorrow for the Juggernaut, Hard Rock and Metal Friday. We here from an old friend of RfL, a Royal Court member actually. But we hear from him in a different way. Stay tuned, it will be great!


The French Electric


Tom Kills

Music On the Show:


The Nevermores

The Nevermores–Like a Pill


Tom Kills

Tom Kills –Dvorian Grey and Catastophe


The French Electric

The French Electric–Gutters and Nervous



Tahigo–Les Trains

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  1. Eban you are a legend! Thank you so much for the continued support of the French Electric, really appreciated man – give us a shout if you are ever in London and we will buy you a Guinness.

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