Indie Music Blast Podcast 451 LIVE! Featuring Seasons of Insanity and More

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That is right, this was the first ever live episode of the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast. Episode 451 went live at 1:00 est on Ustream. There will be more live shows, this one was fun.

Of course, there were a few hiccups. That will happen, but it was a good experience. The biggest hiccup? I forgot to arm the recording in Ableton. I was trying to make sure everything else was in place I just forgot. This means I had to download and convert the show audio from Ustream. Thus, the audio sucks on the podcast today.

You live and learn. OR in this case, I live and learn, LOL.

We have great tunes today. We hear from Darque Carnival, Seasons of Insanity, A Born Plague and Paralysys.

Enjoy what was our first ever live show!


The Video


Video streaming by Ustream

Music on the Show

Darque Carnival–Down Driven


Seasons of Insanity

Seasons of Insanity–Save Me and I’m Gonna Leave You


A Born Plague

A Born Plague–Tides and Devour



Paralysys–Liquid Vanity

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