Indie Music Blast Podcast 456 Hip Hop and Rap

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Welcome back to the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 456! I am back from vacation and ready to bring the tunes.

This is a recording of today’s live broadcast. Look for the live show at 1:00 est daily unless otherwise noted.

We have a great mix for you today featuring some of the best underground and indie hip hop artists around, including the king of the RfL Royal Court!

I normally do not get political on this show as it is entertainment but listen for my plea to educate yourself on what is happening in our country now. Things are coming to a head in Chicago and it is not pretty. Don’t just listen to the mainstream, dig deeper! I even tie this in to the Aztec calendar and other craziness.

We have celebrity birthdays and this day in history as well. It is a full show!



Miles Partridge and Hipslack

Music on the show:



Hipslack-Fat Boy



E.Grizzly–The Overly Dramatic Truth Remix and Full System Station Remix



BombaReign–Ride with Me and Doves Cry


Sean D–Higher

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  1. we made it…SEAN D keep on representing bro

  2. Thanks for the tune, man. Keep em coming!


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