Indie Music Blast Podcast 460 A Modern Rock Mix Featuring Janus 4-14

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Welcome to episode 460 of the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast for May 29, 2012. On tap today is a modern rock mix. That term modern rock can mean a lot. I talk a bit about this in the episode.

We have tunes from RfL Royal Court members Janus 4-14, Grace Under Pressure, Surreal, and Never My Hero. Great tunes from each band!

We have our regular segments of celebrity birthdays and this day in history.

Enjoy the show. Check out the live video at the bottom of the post. The live shows get smoother every episode.


Music on the Show:


Janus 4-14

Janus 4-14–Great Escape


Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure–Words Left Unsaid and
My Yesterday



Surreal–The Impossible and Dusk


Never My Hero

Never My Hero–Deserve This


The Indie Music Blast Podcast Video of Recording Live

Video streaming by Ustream

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