Indie Music Blast Podcast 461 Wednesday Coffee House and Lullabies

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Welcome to the Wednesday Coffee House episode 461 of the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast. It is May 30, 2012 and we have some smooth tunes and lullabies for your enjoyment.

We hear from Christie Grace, Emma Wallace, Lisa Redford, and Adri-Anne Ralph.

There is a special dedication to three of the coolest little folks around.

We also have our regular features of celebrity birthdays and what happened on this day in history.



Lisa Redford

Music on the Show:


Christie Grace

Christie Grace–Late Bloomer


Emma Wallace

Emma Wallace–Sleep My Love and You are my Lullaby


Lisa Redford

Lisa Redford–Dreaming in Crowds and Summer on the L


Adri-Anne Ralph

Adri-Anne Ralph–California–Moonlight


The live Indie Music Blast Podcast show is below.


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