Indie Music Blast Podcast ep 445 The Wednesday Coffee House World Tour

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It is Wednesday, May 2nd and that means it is the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episdode 445, the Wednesday Coffee House!

We are going on a tour of the World today with music from California, Ireland, U.K., and Kenya!

We have Lisa Cuthbert, Neema, Butterfly Catchers, and Marie Hines providing the excellent tunes today.

We have our celebrity birthdays and our daily look back through history. We even have a trivia question today. Who was the first professional baseball player to hit a home run? The answer is in the show.



Lisa Cuthbert


Music on the show:

Lisa Cuthbert

Lisa Cuthbert–Ready to Unfold



Neema–Beatiful Sunrise and Nani


Butterfly Catchers

Butterfly Catchers–Wake up and Morning

Marie Hines

Marie Hines–Long Way To Letting go

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