RfL Indie Music Blast Podcast 457 Attitude and Punk with Sam Sinister

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Welcome back to the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 457. It is Tuesday and that means attitude. What is more attitude than punk? Not much, so let’s go with punk today.

Better yet, today is not a regular show, it is a Quickjab artist spotlight on Sam Sinister!

We also hit on celebrity birthdays, this day in history, and I talk a bit about a few emails I got after yesterday’s show. Crazy people, GAH! LOL. Here is the promised link. No, it is not from the MSM.

Enjoy the show!


Sam Sinister Doing his Thing

Music On the Show:

Sam Sinister

Sam Sinister–Sloppy Drunk, Teen Wolf, and Whiskey Man

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  1. Hey, Eban! Thanks for spotlighting some of my songs! I’ve updated my site with a link to the show. Keep it up!


  2. You bet Sam, loved the tunes.

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