Indie Music Blast Podcast 464 Attitude for Tuesday!

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Time to have some fun as it is Tuesday and that means attitude time!

Welcome back to the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 464 featuring Northside Garage, Sam Sinister, Marshmallow Overcoat, and Quiffs and Coffins.

As an aside we also have our stock derision, celebrity birthdays, this day in history, and the reminder that civilization is lost!

Fun eh?

Enjoy the show!


Music on the Show:


Marshmallow Overcoat

Marshmallow Overcoat–13 Ghosts


Quiffs and Coffins

Quiffs and Coffins–Zombie Apocalypse and Spyplane Above



Northside Garage

Northside Garage–El Segundo and Waiting for the End



Sam Sinister

Sam Sinister–Til the Walls Come Down

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