Indie Music Blast Podcast 465 Ambient and Downtempo Live Set Mixtape!

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It is a special Coffee House this Wednesday. Welcome to the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 465.

Today instead of a regular show, or a Quickjabs, we have a live set mixtape performed in Ableton Live featuring some great Ambient and Dowtempo tunes.

Enjoy the mix!

Music on the show:

Sopris-Organ Eyes

Dubtrak–Citizen Sound meets Ammoye – Trouble – Dubtrak’s Cool Cool remix

General Fuzz–Solice

Anji Bee

Anji Bee–Pour some Music On

All Indie Radio–The Bomb

FNDMNTL–In Formation

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  1. Thanks a ton for playing our tunes, we really appreciate it! Fans can our music for free check out our music page here

  2. You bet Dan. The tune fit in perfect today. Look forward to featuring on another mix in the future!

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