Back from Vacation!

It has been a trying, busy, and end the end, fun, couple of weeks. What has been missing is The Indie Music Blast. Here is a recap of what has gone down.

This all started with almost two weeks of downtime of our websites because of problems at Dreamhost, the company that hosts our sites. This threw a big wrench into RfL as everything ground to a halt with the Indie Music Blast Podcast and our sites.

Just as the Dreamhost fixed the problem, I had to take a trip up to Maryland to help family with a move to San Antonio. This added to the downtime of Reaching for Lucidity. That was some hard work too, let me tell you.

The day I got back from Maryland, Effie and I were off yet again to Asheville, NC to celebrate our 23rd anniversary. This is where the fun kicked in. We had a blast. This led us to the Forth of July and the end of our anniversary vacation.

So here I am. Back and ready to start things off yet again. Just so you know, the Indie Music Blast Podcast is just the beginning. I am working on the Senator Jaiz  EP titled “Dimensional Chaos” and it is going well. I have released an unfinished promo single available here on the site. Let me say that this is by far the weakest tune on the EP. It is going to rock.

Since I am focusing so much on the EP, I will be doing more short shows such as Quickjabs until the release in August. There is some great indie tunes on tap for the show which is starting back up on Monday.

Right now, as in I am taking a break to type this, I am working on a new theme song for the Indie Music Blast Podcast. I am trying to shake things up and keep the show fresh.

There is even more going on, but that is the main thrust. Be ready for a great show come Monday.


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  1. Eban,

    I hope you bring the Music Blast back. I’m really missing my daily fix!

  2. We are back Don. Thanks for your patience! I know it has been a while.

  3. Just listened to yesterdays podcast. I really like the new mix tape format. I’m looking forward to more shows. Keep them coming!

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