Indie Music Blast Podcast 468 Hip Hop Mixtape feat Trew Music and More

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Starting a new week and a new tighter site, this is the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 468. We have a great Hip Hop mixtape for your enjoyment book-ended by performances by Trew Music!

Also on the show today the changes to the Reaching for Lucidity dot Net site changes are explained. To sum this up all the RfL Productions are now here on the main site, each with its own section ad feed. You can find the feeds in the sidebar. There you can subscribe to everything RfL or just choose your favorites. In the navigation in the top menu bar and in the sidebar you will find the links to all the productions we offer.

Now, let’s enjoy this mixtape, eh?

**Edit**I now know MRNES is Mr. NES. Oops, my bad!

Trew Music

Music on the Show:

Trew Music

Trew Music-Miles



A-Dot-Swagg Need Help feat. Verce


J. Domangue

J.Domangue-The Hustler



Jonay-Watcha Wanna do


Iroc Omega

Iroc Omega- B.I.T.C.H.



Questar-Special Feature





Trew Music

Trew Music-Young and Restless

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  1. Jacob Lotto

    s/o to Trew Music on the success and release of new material off his project!! I had to opportunity to work with him on my new mixtape also.

  2. Trew music is dope keep it up

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