Indie Music Blast Podcast 470 The Juggernaut Mixtape

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It is Friday. We are heading into the weekend. I guess that means I better make this show hot! Hot and fun! So be it. That is what I will do. It is time for the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 470.

It is the Juggernaut! Normally that means hard rock and metal Friday. This does still mean hard rock and metal, but we are adding some aspects. Aspects such as punk and industrial. In other words, everything hard and aggressive is on the table!

Since RfL is going to a three show a week schedule while the Senator Jaiz EP is in production, I am consolidating the show styles a bit.

So buckle up, because here we go!

The show cues and studio ready for recording!
Bobby Calabrese putting a spell on your ass!

Music on the Show!

Cancer Killing Gemini

Cancer Killing Gemini: Buried in the Frequencies


Urban Snake

Urban Snake: Who Says Goodnight



Calabrese: Violet Hellfire



Morgueasm: Romancing the Dead


Canto 6

Canto 6: Wait


Into Eternity

Into Eternity: Spiraling Into Depression



Iscintilla: The Bells


Ministry: Let’s Go


Where She Wept

Where She Wept: Cloaked In dusk

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