RfL BTS: Laying Down Guitar Tracks and The Lawsuits Start in Colorado

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In today’s Reaching for Lucidity Productions Behind the Scenes we talk guitars and Lawsuits.

Today was guitar day. Well, this whole week is guitar week. I am laying down guitar tracks for the Senator Jaiz EP and I am having some fun with it. In Other RfL happenings, I have yet again rearranged the Studio and I am closer than ever to dialing in the proper ergonomics for the equipment.

In world happenings, the lawsuits have started in Colorado over the theater massacre. No it is not the family of one of the twelve souls murdered, or one of the injured. It is someone who was there and says he is now suffering. Wait until you hear who is calling out asĀ defendants. His friend did die, and I am sure he is suffering, but listen to hear how this is playing out.

This does not pass my bullshit meter, but that is just my take.

Till next time, cheers!

James Holmes

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