RfL Indie Music Blast Podcast 471 Hip Hop Mixtape with N.B. MrNES and Trew Music

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The weekend is over, now it is time to get back to the serious stuff in life. No, not work and crap like that. Music! It is the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast Episode 471. It is Monday and that means it’s time for our weekly Hip Hop mixtape. Today is a doozy.

We are going to hear from N.B. making his first appearance on the show! Also new to the show are Mental Elastic Dynasty and Stereo Crowd. Making return appearances we have a two-fer from MRNES and a tune from the lovely T6, now known as Devin Rose. Also on the show, the fella that drives this beast, Royal Court member Trew Music is throwing down hard!

So enjoy everyone. See you back here for the Wednesday Coffee House.


Ready to Record!

Music on the show:


N.B. : I Be On That Drank


MRNES : Beast Mode and Pick It Up

Stereo Crowd

Stereo Crowd : I Got It

Trew Music

Trew Music : Turn Me On

Tanya 6 / Devin Rose

Tanya T6 / Devin rose : World is Mine

Mental elastic Dynasty

Mental Elastic Dynasty : There They Go








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