RfL Indie Music Blast Podcast Episode 467 Coffee House Mix tape

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Welcome to the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast Podcast episode 467. Today we debut a new format to the rotation.

It is the Coffee House and that means smooth tunes for hump day. We start a new mix tape format today. I explain why we have this new format and where the show has been in this episode.

I will give a hint here as to one of the reasons the show has been scarce. The new Senator Jaiz EP which is coming soon has taken a lot of my time. More on this in the show and as we get closer to the release.

Speaking of new releases, Anji Bee is finishing work on her solo project! How cool is that? To celebrate new Anji Bee tunes, we have a two-fer to finish off the episode by Anji! and by the way…

Check out Anji’s new look from shoot by awesome photographer Aga Furtok! Great, right? I know!

Anji Bee

Enjoy the episode!

Music on the Show: Click on the pics to go to the artist sites



Citizen Sound meets Ammoye – Trouble – Dubtrak’s Cool Cool remix–Dubtrak


Lila Rose

Obsession–Lila Rose


Hungry Lucy

Bumble–Hungry Lucy



Send An Angel For You–Sounda


Anji Bee

Summer Days by The Grooveblaster & Anji Bee – 2008–Anji Bee

Put Some Music On–Anji Bee


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