Reaching for Lucidity is Down for a Bit Longer : Positive Thoughts for Elway Please

Sorry for the cryptic post Friday. This is what happened. Elway, the RfL pirate dog, started to act a bit off on Friday. I took the day to tend to her, but as Saturday rolled around, she got worse. She had trouble walking and had a lot of discharge.

We rushed her to the hospital and it turned out she had a life-threatening infection and the doctors rushed her into surgery. She did well, but she has a good bit of recovery to go.

We brought her home last night and I am now having to keep a very close eye on her. Right now the priority is getting her to eat as she needs food to take her medicine without getting very ill.

Needless to say, Reaching for Lucidity is staying closed while Elway needs such close attention. She is a great dog and has a lot of life left in her. Me and Effie, along with Pepper the RfL snugglebunny, are devoting all we have to Elway now.

I know some of you out there say she is just a dog, but those who have four-legged family members know what this is like. Please send healing thoughts Elway’s way. She is not feeling well at all right now.

Also, send RfL some thoughts as well. This surgery ate through the RfL funds for the new album and projects as well as put us in debt to family who so graciously helped us pay for the surgery. We will all be alright, but things will be a bit tough for a little while. It is amazing how one incident can change a situation so much. From going pretty damn good to deep in the bad so quick. If anyone out there knows some potential new clients for audio, music, audio adverts, voice over, or design, please send them my way. I could use some more clients right now.

Be back as soon as Elway improves.

Elway the pirate dog and Pepper the snugglebunny during visiting hours at the vet hospital after surgery.
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