The Last Two Weeks and Forward

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It has been an odd couple of weeks here at RfL. Luckily things are getting back to normal. Slowly.

Elway is doing better and she is getting back to her old self. This is the best news of these trying couple of weeks.

On the Eban front, I am now back to full on boxing training. The injuries are finally on the back burner. It feels great! I am doing a two a day workout plan and it is brutal. But in boxing brutal in training keeps you on top and safe. Brutal is the point.

I will be starting the Indie Music Blast Podcast back up soon. Probably on Monday. It has been a while but things at RfL have not been right to get the shows out. Mostly caring for Elway. Life threw us for a loop.

Effie asked me to focus on a certain project for the immediate future. Something cool, but not something I am at liberty to discuss. This one is between Effie and I for the moment. This will cut into my RfL time but will be worth it in the end. I will let you in on the project when I can.

So, that is where RfL is at the moment.  It is pretty cool being back on track. I like being on track.


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