1st Quarter Protest, send the NFL a Message

We now have that moment where a single call has bearing on a game, as well as a possible influence on the playoff picture. This NFL season is about to go off the rails.

Chris Carter had a great idea on ESPN’s Mike and Mike this morning. He said fans should sit out the first quarter of this weeks games. Just stay out.

That would definitely send a message and cause chaos. The chaos would a bit much, so what to do?

Go with a classic old school snub. All fans attending this weeks games should spend the first quarter with their backs turned to the field. Send a strong message. No chaos, no problems filling the stadiums, but still sending the message that this officiating debacle is hurting the brand of the NFL. The best sport in the world!

At home? Do the same. Do not turn in to any game until the second quarter. Hit them in viewership numbers. That is a direct hit to ad revenue. Send a message.

This is getting out of control. Who is with me? Let’s make this happen!

Broncos Cheerleaders by Deege
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