A Day in the Life Part II, Multitasking

So I am doing a lot at this moment. None of it is what I would call productive, however.

I am down now with a bad cold. I have no voice as trying to speak starts a serious coughing attack that does not let up. My sinuses are a serious pain. And I just don’t feel good.

On top of this Pepper the Snuggle Bunny pomchi managed to pull her sutures out today. The earliest they were  to come out is tomorrow, but more realistically Saturday. So I now have to watch her like a hawk per vet orders. Oy Vey!

So I am sitting here dealing with the cold and Pepper watch when I realized I was freakin bored. I went straight to Netflix.

I am multitasking now watching Metal Tornado, a campy, low-budget Sci-Fi film made either for straight to video or SyFy. These movies always have a who’s who list of  former A and B list stars. This one has Lou Diamond Phillips and Greg Evigan. These cheap films are fun to watch.

One would almost expect to see John Schneider, Debbie Gibson, or C. Thomas Howell as well. Who knows, they may be working on the latest SyFy made for TV epic. Maybe it they will call it “Mega-Gigantor Hamster vs. Super-Big-Assed Crocotator.”

I would love for that movie to be made. A killer mega hamster taking on a giant half Crocodile. half Potato. I could take place in Idaho, making the Crocotator the hero.

Well, back to multitasking my Pepper watch, healing from the cold, and watching cheap Science Fiction.


Metal Tornado

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