Downgrading my Phone to the Motorola XPRT Was a Great Decision

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I am not usually one to go for a downgrade. I am more about staying as close to the cutting edge as possible. This is why my recent choice of phones is  out of the norm for me.

After having my Samsung Epic 4G for two years the phone was showing signs of going down. The battery could hardly hold a charge and the performance was faltering. My upgrade was due and I immediately started to look at the new 4G LTE phones available. I happened to notice the Motorola XPRT hanging out there. It was a 3G Android phone, had a small lower def screen, and it resembled a Blackberry. The phone is over a year old, which is an eternity in tech years. The one thing it had going for it over the other phones is that it is an international phone.

Motorola XPRT

So why would I look at this phone? For one, I have always liked the “Blackberry” look. Second, the phone was $0 with the contract extension. Since I was going to stay with Sprint anyway I figured I would try it.

This is not the most advanced phone on the market. I does not have the best specs or hardware. On paper it lacks a lot. It is also my favorite phone ever. I love this phone!

The screen, which is smaller and of lower resolution than the other phones I was looking at as well as my Epic 4G, is actually alright. The Epic 4G with its class leading screen was always hard to see in daylight. Not this one. This lesser screen is much easier on my eyes especially when things get bright.

It is only 3G, that is true. How often did I have my 4G on while using my Epic 4G? Maybe ten times in the two years I used the phone. 4G is great, and the LTE is probably outrageous, but I don’t have use for that. When I am doing things that need that speed I am usually near my computer or somewhere I can tap into WiFi. For some folks a fast phone is a necessity, but 3G serves me fine.

The phone feels solid. It performs without glitches. It operates the apps I use. It has the form factor I love. And the clincher? The battery runs for ever. The battery last three times as long as the Epic 4G it replaced, back when the Epic battery worked.

I never knew downgrading could be so great.

This Motorola XPRT is the best phone for me. I guess I don’t need to live on the cutting edge all the time. This gives me one more plus that I did not have when I upgraded to my Epic when they came out. They work out the bugs. Cutting edge all too often means “glitchy.” Being on the cutting edge means being a perpetual beta tester.

Did I say that I love the phone?

BTW, it looks like Sprint no longer carries this model, but you can get one “no contract” at Boost Mobile for $99. Still a great deal for what you get.



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