Making the Decision to Use Springpad Over Evernote

I have used Evernote for what seems forever. That is not possible, but it has been a while. I started just over a year ago using Springpad as well. The idea was to see which note service works best for me. Instead of choosing I caused more problems for myself by using both. Today that changes. I am going with Springpad.

Before I go on let me say I love Evernote. This decision is not about anything Evernote does wrong. Many people would choose Evernote in a head to head comparison. That is great as Evernote is a terrific service.

Springpad just works better for me as it works the way I think and process information. It is that simple. I love using Springpad due to the visual aspect of the interface. I love the mobile app and the web clipper. I love using the Springpad mobile app to sort my shopping choices using the bar code scanner and location searches. I prefer the way the mobile app handles picture and audio notes as well.

This was a hard decision. Evernote did not loose, it just does not fit my needs as well as Springpad. That is all.

This may seem like a small thing, and in many ways it is. This really does free up mental and time resources for me. Anytime you can simplify things, SIMPLIFY! It makes a lot of difference.

What things can you free up in your life that can simplify your work flow and productivity. That is a great question to ask often.




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